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Aluminum Walk Ramps

When docks are unavailable, aluminum walk ramps offer a cost effective alternative. Featuring a 1 1/2" safety curb, non-slip surface and high grade aluminum construction, walk ramps provide a safe and smooth transition from truck bed to ground.

Aluminum walk ramps are available in two styles. Type "A" features a "lip" that rests on the truck bed, while type "B" has hooks that mount on the truck. Be aware that the usable width differes from the actual width. The safety curb decreases the actual width by 2 inches.

Choose the parameters for your ramp and click "submit" to see the recommended height range, load capacity and price for the specified ramp.

Aluminum Walk Ramp
Select Lip Type: 
* type A - ovelapping style
* type B - hook style
Select Ramp Width: 
* width in inches
* 28" = 26" usable; 38" = 36" usable
Select Ramp Length: 
* length in feet



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