ATV RACKS for Trucks


ATV Racks from Handi-Ramp are a great way to load all of your power sport equipment onto one truck and transport them without causing any damage to the user or vehicle. They offer space large enough to hold 2 stock sized ATVs and other smaller vehicles. Designed to allow ATVs to stand on the rack, ATV Truck Racks open up precious remaining truck bed space to accommodate smaller vehicles and gears.

Made of a combination of aluminum and steel, ATV racks are powder coated to provide years of rust-free, chip-free use. There are two models available, the short bed ATV rack model weighing 261 lbs and the long bed ATV rack model weighing 281 lbs. Installation takes approximately 3-4 hours and ATV Truck Racks can be dismantled in a few minutes for easy storage.

Ramps of 10 feet length are used to mount power sport equipment onto trucks and can be easily put away under the platform of the ATV Rack. ATV Racks are available with an alternative Winch buddy system for people preferring to load ATVs without manual effort.
ATV racks are designed with safety in mind and they provide tie-down straps to keep ATVs in place. Extra tie-down straps are provided in case of emergency. Place ATVs face forward to reduce fuel consumption and prevent fender storage.

  • ATV Rack (Long Bed)
    ATV Rack (Long Bed)
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    ATV Rack (Long Bed)


ATV Carrier (Short Bed)
8′ wide x 6′ long
Hauls 2 “any size” 4 wheeled ATVs

ATV Carrier (Long Bed)
8′ wide x 8′ long
Hauls 2 “any size” 4 wheeled ATVs
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  • Carry two ATVs on the truck
  • Pull a trailer while carrying two ATVs
  • Use the bed space to store gear or cargo
  • Short bed model Weighs 261 lbs.
  • Long bed model Weighs 268 lbs.
  • Powder Coated Black
  • The rack has 10-foot long ramps.
  • The ramps store on the rack under the loaded ATVs
  • S/H Short bed model – Discontinued!
  • S/H Long bed model – $222.00
  • An additional shipping charge will be added for orders outside of the continental United States.

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