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In the HandiRamp Blog we cover three topics:  Accessibility, Material Handling and Safety.

  1. Accessibility makes the world more accessible and available to those with disabilities. We make accessibility happen. We have expertise in ADA rules and regulations.
  2. Material handling is all about safely moving material from one place to another.  One example is connecting a truck to a loading dock. Another of many examples is moving material from a train to a truck.
  3. Safety is an area that covers not only the home, but also commercial applications. Read more about safety solutions that we have provided for all types of companies, locations, and climates.

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Wheelchair Ramp
forklift ramp

Comments (3)

  1. Phil Lombardino

    Interested in a handicap ramp for a swimming pool. The pool is constructed with a 12″ wide perimeter scupper/drain system, which is also approx 12″ below the concrete pool deck. This we hope is enough of an offset in elevation to allow a wheel rolling system. The pool depth at this end is a 4′ offset from the scupper level, the length of the ramp and rails to be of aluminum, which when utilized will be resting on the pool floor. and hopefully lightweight to then allow the wheels to be lifted from the scupper offset to the pool deck for removal and storage.

  2. Matt

    Hello Phil, thank you for your comment,

    I forwarded your request to our sales rep Greg who will contact you (if he hasn’t already) to talk about a ramp for your swimming pool. You can also contact him by calling Greg directly at 847-247-2359.



  3. Ronnie L.

    I would like to say thank you for your great work. You really help people out there having a better life, cheers!

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