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Boat Wheelchair Lift

Mobilift VX - Boat wheelchair lift

Boat wheelchair lifts are a self-sufficient, inexpensive, secure way to provide marine access to mobility impaired passengers. Powered and initiated manually, these boat wheelchair lifts eliminate the need for batteries, motors and electrical components, hence requiring minimum or practically no maintenance.

Manufactured from aluminum and stainless steel, to protect against corrosion and to maintain the appearance of the boat, the boat wheel chair lift comes with bridge ramps for access to higher platforms. Constructed in a highly mobile manner, these boat wheelchair lifts can easily be moved with minimum effort and provide access to boats and berths on a pier. Boat wheelchair lifts can also be customized for unique applications. Options for left and right side cranking are available.

Capable of lifting weights up to 600 lbs, the maximum time needed by this boat wheelchair lift is 20 seconds for a height of 60 inches. Different models of boat wheel chair lifts are available for lifting differing heights as high tides are a concern in a marine environment. Boat wheelchair lifts are not designed with pre-determined switches or controls for height to which they are to be hauled; this makes the boat wheelchair lifts easier to operate to user-specific heights.

Boat Wheelchair Lift
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All boat wheelchair lifts follow safety regulations very carefully and they are ADA compliant. Providing protection against vandalism, this boat wheelchair lift features locking cables to prevent unauthorized access. Accessing sight-seeing boats, yachts, ferry boats, charter fishing boats, amphibian vehicles and other marine transportation is now simple. Boat wheelchair lifts are a safe, versatile, easy way to access ships with an affordable price tag.


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* Tested to withstand extreme temps -50° to +130°F
* Manual operation - no power required
* Accommodates wheelchairs and scooters
* 5 lbs of power necessary to lift 150 lbs., 11 lbs. to lift 300 lbs.
* Weight Capacity: 600 lbs (275kg)
* Unit weight: 265 lbs. (120 kg)
* Maximum lifting height: 60 in, 72 in or 108 in
* Lifting time: 20 sec. to reach 60 in
* Portable - no installation required
* Locking cable prevents unauthorized use
* Custom options available
* Call for Shipping Information
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