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Custom Handrails


Some projects will require the extra safety that handrails provide. Handi-Ramp can fabricate virtually any size and shape of safety railing that you can imagine. Simply describe your needs to our ramp experts and we can turn your dream into a reality.


Client: MLU Service Inc.
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Problem: Wood ramps for temporary housing for Katrina victims needed handrails
Solution: Single-bar ADA compliant handrails

MLU was working to rebuild and provide temporary housing for residents in Louisiana that were impacted by Hurricane Katrina. Handi-Ramp created custom single-bar handrails for the project which then spiraled into another project of the same type. All together they purchased approx 1250 handrails with 5 day turns on manufacturing.

Handrails in production

Client: Duke Energy
Location: Chula Vista, CA
Problem: Transporting Sea Turtles up a Treacherous Bank at a Beach for Testing in an Environmentally Sensitive Area
Solution: Aluminum Sectional Ramp System

South Bay Power Plant wanted to install a ramp system for accessing a beach to test sea turtles. The bank from the beach up to the roadway is steep and treacherous and is located in a bird sanctuary which is an environmentally sensitive area. Handi-Ramp designed an aluminum sectional ramp system with handrails.

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Handi-Ramp's products are available across North America including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Puerto Rico.
You can call us toll free, at (800) 876-RAMP or 847-680-7700 to discuss your specific needs.



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