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ADA Compliant Handrails & Railings

Handi-Ramp® Handrail & Railing Systems

Handi-Ramp’s Handrail & Railing Systems are manufactured from steel or high strength aluminum and meet all ADA accessibility standards. Maintenance free, these railings are the perfect safety solution for stairways, ramps, walkways, platforms, bridges and machine barriers. Handi-Ramp is the manufacturer of these rails and therefore offers many size and strength options.

Sold separately or in conjunction with our ramp systems, hand rails are simple to install and remove by simply sliding into receiver tubes which are welded onto each ramp section.

Railings are recommended on all ramp systems with rises of 6 inches or more however they can be sold on a stand alone basis or as a component on any Handi-Ramp system.

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Product Categories


Double Bar Handrails

Single Bar Handrails

Vertical Picket

Handi-Ramp® Handrail & Railing Systems Applications

    bullet Stairways
    bullet Pools
    bullet Escalators

bullet Ramps
bullet Decks
bullet Porches


Single Bar Handrails - provide single handrail bar, most economical option, typically installed on private homes

Single Bar Handrails
Description Product No. Weight *
4' Handrails (One Side) HRSB04 15 lbs.*
5' Handrails (One Side) HRSB05 17 lbs.*
6' Handrails (One Side) HRSB06 19 lbs.*
7' Handrails (One Side) HRSB07 22 lbs.*
8' Handrails (One Side) HRSB08 23 lbs.*
9' Handrails (One Side) HRSB09 23 lbs.*
10' Handrails (One Side) HRSB10 29 lbs.*
11' Handrails (One Side) HRSB11 31 lbs.*
12' Handrails (One Side) HRSB12 33 lbs.*
* Approximate Weight

Double Bar Handrails - provide an added level of safety by adding a second support bar 16 inches below the handrail bar, typically installed on ramp systems addressing rises of less than 30 inches

Double Bar Handrails
Description Product No. Weight *
4' Handrails (One Side) HRDB04 16 lbs.*
5' Handrails (One Side) HRDB05 18 lbs.*
6' Handrails (One Side) HRDB06 20 lbs.*
7' Handrails (One Side) HRDB07 22 lbs.*
8' Handrails (One Side) HRDB08 24 lbs.*
9' Handrails (One Side) HRDB09 26 lbs.*
10' Handrails (One Side) HRDB10 30 lbs.*
11' Handrails (One Side) HRDB11 32 lbs.*
12' Handrails (One Side) HRDB12 34 lbs.*
13' Handrails (One Side) HRDB13 36 lbs.*
14' Handrails (One Side) HRDB14 38 lbs.*
* Approximate Weight

Vertical Picket Handrails - provide maximum safety especially with small children. Recommended by CABO, all handrails addressing rises of 30 inches or more should have vertical pickets attached. Designed to prevent a small child from falling through the handrails, pickets are spaced less than 4 inches apart

Vertical Picket Handrails
Description Product No.
Steel Vertical Picket w/SIB HRVP
Aluminum Vertical Picket w/SIB HRAVP
SIB - Stainless Steel Hardware



Installation - Handrails can mount onto our ramps by bolting directly onto the system or by sliding into receiver tubes which are welded onto the ramp system. Secured by bolts (standard) or quick-release pins, these handrails are also available without the purchase of a ramp system where they can be designed to meet a specific mounting requirement or can be bolted to a cement pad using a mounting flange.



Please feel free to call on us for any help you may need. Our expert staff will provide any assistance that is required.

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Handi-Ramp® products are available across North and Central America including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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