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Handi-Ramp® Non-Skid Step - Lifetime Guarantee

Non-Skid, Non-Slip Stair Tread Strips for Stairways

Deck, Stair & Stairway Anti-Skid Treads

The Handi-Ramp® Non-Skid Strips are guaranteed not to wear out during your lifetime when installed in any non-commercial application.

To get your replacement, simply return the worn-out strip to Handi-Ramp® along with a picture of the location where the non-skid strip is installed.

We will replace the strip with no questions asked. You will only need to pay for shipping and handling.


Make Your Home or Workplace Safer with Non-Skid Tread Strips, Perfect for High Traffic Path Where Water, Ice, or Snow Can Create a Danger of Slipping.


Great for:

     Interior or Exterior Stairs
     Home or Commercial Steps
     Wood Stairway Decks
     Concrete Stairs
     Aluminum Stairways
     Wood Porches
     Lifetime Guarantee

 Industrial Staircase
 Wooden Stairs
 Deck Stairs
 Hardwood Stairs
 Basement Steps
 Decks & Deck Stairs
 Industrial Stair Applications
 Installs in Minutes


An affordable home improvement designed to insure safety and protection of your family and friends against indoor or outdoor slips, accidents and injuries.


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