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Examples of Customer Applications for the Non-Slip Safety Tread Plates

Wooden Back Porch
We bought your nonskid strips for our back porch. My mom, who is 60+, was having problems with the steps on the back porch. When ever it rained or snowed the porch and stairs became very slippery and very dangerous for all of us but especially for my mom. We mounted the strips on the top of the porch and on each step. It took about 15 minutes to install all six non-skid treads. The change is amazing. These strips are wonderful; my mom has not had a slipping problem since.
C.M.C. Lake Bluff, IL


Portable Classroom Ramps
One of our clients is a large school district in Vancouver Canada. Part of their responsibility is to build ramps and stairs for portable class rooms. To keep costs down they build their own ramps and stairways out of treated lumber. Obviously one of the priorities of the school district is to make sure that these ramps and stairs are safe in all weather conditions. Historically that used to mean applying non-skid tape to the ramps and stairs. Unfortunately the non-slip tape was not very effective and was very expensive to maintain because the tape had to be replaced frequently. The Handi-Ramp non-skid treads addressed both of these concerns. The non-skid surface of these treads is much safer and more effective than non-slip tape and once these non-skid treads are installed they will out last the wooden ramps and stairs.


Non Slip Walking Path In Alaska
One client owns a kayak rental shop in Ketchikan, Alaska. This client has several hundred feet of trails leading to the rental shop and from the rental shop to the boarding dock. Because the trail gets muddy a wood path was built. This wood path gets very slippery so they nailed roofing shingles along the path to create a non slip surface on the trail. These shingles were a cheap way to reduce the slipperiness of our trail but they had to be replaced very often. The Handi-Ramp non-slip treads are easily installed and are very cost effective over the long run because they do not wear out.


Non-Slip Curb Cuts
Curb cuts can often become slippery. The pattern that is often put into the curb cut may help a little but quite often this is not enough of a safety factor in areas that have freezing rain and snow. One of our municipal clients used the Handi-Ramp nonskid pads to improve the safety of their curb cuts.


Non Skid Treads For Boat Docks
The owner of a marina purchased 105 non-skid treads with a special length of 48 inches and applied them to the wooden boat docks. This has reduced slipperiness of the dock and made the walk down the dock safer.


Non Skid Tape Alternative


Non-Slip Protection for Workers
Both an Offset Printer and a CNC Machine Shop had problems with slippery floors around machinery. The very nature of their business constantly resulted in spills and worker injuries as a result. Installation of the nonslip treads created a safer work environment.


NonSkid Surface for Wood Wheel Chair Ramp
A church has a ramp constructed out of standard decking materials that is used for wheelchairs, walkers and elderly members to walk up. They used nonskid paint and non-slip tapes but found that this treatment was not very effective. Installation of the Nonskid Treads created a much safer ramp in both rain and snow conditions.


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