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Roll Wheelchair Up Ramps
Roll Up Ramp Roll Wheelchair Up Ramps Roll Up Ramp Roll Up Wheelchair Ramps
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Roll Up Ramp

Handi-Ramp’s Rollup Ramp is an unbelievably strong ramp designed for maximum portability for home or travel. Features a patented hinge that allows the ramp to rollup like a sleeping bag. To use, simply unroll ramp tread. Its compact storage size allows for easy, take-anywhere portability. The roll-up ramp makes the ideal traveling companion and fits perfectly in the trunk of a car, under the seat of a van, or is easily checked at the airport.





Roll-A-Ramp Size Guidemore
    Roll-A-Ramp Size Guide
    36" Wide Ramp
    30" Wide Ramp
    Part No.Total LengthLoad Rating lbsWeight lbs. Part No.Total LengthLoad Rating lbsWeight lbs.
    A13602A193 ft100018 A13002A193 ft100018
    A13603A494 ft100024 A13003A194 ft100021
    A13604A195 ft100030 A13004A195 ft100026
    A13605A196 ft100036 A13005A196 ft100031
    A13606A197 ft100042 A13006A197 ft100036
    A13607A198 ft92548 A13007A198 ft100041
    A13608A199 ft85054 A13008A199 ft100046
    A13609A1910 ft77460 A13009A1910 ft87551
    A13610A1911 ft100066 A13010A1911 ft80056
    A13611A1912 ft100072 A13011A1912 ft72561
    A13612A1913 ft100078 A13012A1913 ft65066
    A13613A1914 ft1000*84 A13013A1914 ft1000*71
    A13614A1915 ft1000*90 A13014A1915 ft1000*76
    A13615A1916 ft1000*96 A13015A1916 ft1000*81
    A13616A1917 ft1000*102 A13016A1917 ft1000*86
    A13617A1918 ft1000*108 A13017A1918 ft1000*91
    A13618A1919 ft1000*114 A13018A1919 ft1000*96
    A13619A1920 ft1000*120 A13019A1920 ft1000*101
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    26" Wide Ramps
    12" Wide Ramps (sold as pairs)
    Part No.Total LengthLoad Rating lbsWeight lbs. Part No.Total LengthLoad Rating lbsWeight lbs.
    A12602A193 ft100014 A11202A193 ft200010/e
    A12603A194 ft100018 A11203A194 ft200013/e
    A12604A195 ft100022 A11204A195 ft200016/e
    A12605A196 ft100026 A11205A196 ft200019/e
    A12606A197 ft100030 A11206A197 ft200022/e
    A12607A198 ft100034 A11207A198 ft200025/e
    A12608A199 ft100038 A11208A199 ft200028/e
    A12609A1910 ft87542 A11209A1910 ft175031/e
    A12610A1911 ft80046 A11210A1911 ft160034/e
    A12611A1912 ft72550 A11211A1912 ft145037/e
    A12612A1913 ft65054 A11212A1913 ft132540/e
    A12613A1914 ft1000*58 A11213A1914 ft2000*43/e
    A12614A1915 ft1000*62 A11214A1915 ft2000*46/e
    A12615A1916 ft1000*66 A11215A1916 ft2000*49/e
    A12616A1917 ft1000*70 A11216A1917 ft2000*52/e
    A12617A1918 ft1000*74 A11217A1918 ft2000*55/e
    A12618A1919 ft1000*78 A11218A1919 ft2000*58/e
    A12619A1920 ft1000*82 A11219A1920 ft2000*61/e
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Roll Up Ramp
Starting at $305.00
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* Each lightweight Roll-A-Ramp section rolls up quickly and can be carried with the strap/handle
* Stores easily in very little space
26", 30" and 36" models support 1,000 lbs.
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