Welcome to Handi Ramp

Starting in a small location in Mundelein in 1958, Handi Ramp has grown and prospered over the last 50 years. It is now the oldest and largest ramp company in the United States dedicated to providing accessible solutions for a wide range of needs and applications. Whether it be a small portable folding ramp to a ramp spannning hundreds of feet, Handi Ramp works with its client base to provide exactly the solution needed. Realizing the need to provide quality durable ramps for the material handling sector, Handi Ramp has become the largest supplier of yard ramp and dock equipment across the country, selling in all 50 states and Canada.

Beyond the design and the manufacture of ramp solutions for the accessible and material handling needs of our clients, HandiRamp saw a need and today offers a range of quality products for the recreational industry, which includes boat ramps ATV and motorcycle ramps, snomobile ramps as well as a myriad of other recreational products.

Providing a safe environment both for our employees and our customers is paramount in everything we do. A number of years ago recognizing the serious problems that slip and falls presented, the engineers of HandiRamp designed and patented an aluminum non slip surface that has revolutionized the approach to keeping stairs and walkways safe in all kinds of weather. Available in a number of different colors and sizes, these surfaces are THE answer to preventing slip and falls.




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