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Sidewalk Replacement Kit

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Sidewalk Replacement Kit
Sidewalk Replacement Kit Sidewalk Replacement Kit Sidewalk Replacement Kit Sidewalk Replacement Kit
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Sidewalk Replacement Kit

Our temporary sidewalk replacement kit was designed to bridge the gap between concrete sidewalks making it easier for pedestrian, bicycle, and wheelchair traffic to cross over potentially hazardous walkways. They can be used for any situation where a piece of sidewalk has been torn up.

A sheet of our non-slip, non-rusting, OSHA compliant, high traction aluminum can be bolted into place across the sidewalk gap in order to create a temporary walkway. The sidewalk replacement kit is a low-cost temporary solution to costly sidewalk repairs and potential liability.

Since Handi-Ramp® is the manufacturer of this product we can construct any size walkway in order to fit your specific needs.


Sidewalk Replacement Kit
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Designed to bridge the gap between concrete sidewalks.
Standard sizes:
3ft. x 10ft.
4ft. x 10ft.

Custom sizes available.
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