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Wheelchair Platform Lifts

Handi-Ramps HPL-50 and HPL-72 Wheelchair Lifts are easy to operate, simple to install and virtually maintenance free. Every safety detail has been carefully designed into these lifts including a non-slip platform, constant pressure switches, a low platform for easy roll-on/roll-off, safety barrier and railing, and rolled edges.

With maximum lift heights of either 50 inches or 72 inches available, they are sturdy enough to lift and lower up to 600 pounds and will accommodate electric wheelchairs and scooters. Running on a gear box and chain, these wheelchair lifts provide a smooth and quiet up and down ride, requiring little maintenance.

The HPL-50 and HPL-72 wheelchair lifts were built to fit and use in almost any residential situation and condition. Using common household current, the drive system operates in all weather conditions, from -30 degrees to +120 degrees. With a key-operated, constant pressure switch, this porch lift enables you to start, stop and change directions at any point. The electrical system is placed well above ground and sealed against moisture, and the lift is finished with a powder coated finish, to help protect it against the elements.



HPL-50 & HPL-72 Wheelchair Lifts
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Compared against the competition, the HPL-50 and HPL-72 lifts are tough, safe, and affordable lifts. You will not find better built products on the market for your money.

Handi-Ramp's HPL-50 and HPL-72 Wheelchair Lifts are shipped fully assembled and install in 6 easy steps.


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Handi-Ramp's products are available across North America including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Puerto Rico.
Call us toll free at (800) 876-7267 or (847) 680-7700 to discuss your specific needs.



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* Outdoor or indoor installation
* Plugs into Household Current (110 volt AC)
* Easy Installation
* Weather Resistant
* Space efficient
* Virtually maintenance free
* 5-year limited warranty
* Manual Back-up Crank System
* Lifting height: HPL-50 = 50" / HPL-72 = 72"
* 600 lbs. Capacity
* Key Lock, Constant Pressure Control Switch
* 1/2 HP Motor, 110V/60Hz/6.5Amp
* Cord & Plug
* Call/Send Switches (2)
* Safety Pan (Proximity Sensor)
* Solid Side Panels
* 90 Degree Exit Platform
* Battery Powered
* Upper Landing Gate
* Call for Shipping Information
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