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Window Well Covers

Custom Basement Window Well Covers

Handi-Ramp® Custom Made Window Well Covers

Open Window Wells May Pose A Safety Hazard

Protect children from falling into your window wells with Handi-Ramp window well covers.

Window well covers that are easy to install and incredibly strong.

Instructions For Ordering Your Window Wells

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 Handi-Ramp® Custom Made Window Well Covers

The security of your home, safety and protection of your family is very important to you. Window well covers prevent unwanted visitors into your house and can be your first line of defense.

Window well covers custom made to fit each window well with expanded steel construction, security options are available. Helps eliminate external access to your window well and into your home. Protect your window wells from leaves, debris and animals. Window well covers are discrete and unobtrusive, eliminates constant cleaning, prevents injury to children. Window well covers offer long-term safety and protection, easy access and lots of light.

Guaranteed Fit - Fast Delivery

Note: Standard Window well covers are painted black. Call us for custom colors.

Handi-Ramp® Custom Window Well Covers will fit any design of window well

  • Round Metal Window Wells
  • Straight Metal Window Wells
  • Square Metal Window Wells
  • Rectangular Masonry Window Wells
  • Circular Masonry Window Wells
  • Please feel free to call on us for any help you may need in measuring your window wells. Our expert staff will provide any assistance that is required.

    Instructions For Ordering Your Window Wells

    Price Estimator

    Window Well Cover Backgrounds

    Handi-Ramp's products are available across North America including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Puerto Rico. You can call us toll free, at (800) 876-RAMP to discuss your specific needs.
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