Mobilift AX – Aircraft Wheelchair Lift

Aircraft Wheelchair LiftAircraft Wheelchair Lift

Aircraft wheelchair lifts from Mobilift are portable, safe, and economical airplane wheelchair lifts which allow the physically challenged to access aircrafts and board them. Mobilift’s aircraft wheel chair lift has been successfully used for the past few years in North America. This Airplane wheelchair lift also goes by the model name Mobilift AX and follows the safety rules of the ADA and FAA.

The Mobilift AX aircraft wheelchair lift is not powered by battery or motor and can be manually operated with ease – only 4lbs of pressure is required to start. Being a manual powered air plane wheelchair lift, it is easily maintainable and doesn’t involve complex installation techniques. Intended for handicapped use, aircraft wheel chair lifts support easy maneuverability with sensitive controls.

Airplane wheelchair lifts are capable of carrying the passenger from the ground to the aircraft in under a minute hence assuring a dignified, hassle-free movement. Mobilifit AX air plane wheel chair lifts are designed to be resistant to different weather conditions and offer wind/jet blast stability. Specifications of both corporate/regional aircrafts and larger narrow body aircrafts (Mobilift AXR) are catered to by this aircraft wheelchair lift thus making it accessible under differing circumstances.

Aircraft Wheelchair Lift
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The Mobilift AX air craft wheelchair lift is operable with almost all leading aircraft models with a special model Mobilift AXR aircraft wheelchair lift built for compatibility with certain higher end models like Boeing, Fokker, etc. Designed under the compliance of all ADA and FAA safety regulations, including those of ground support equipment and disability access, cost-effective Mobilift AX aircraft wheelchair lifts make air travel easily accessible to the physically disabled.

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