Auto Curb Ramps

Our Auto Curb Ramp is portable by design, versatile, and can be placed at a location temporarily for a special event or until a construction crew can be scheduled to create permanent access or a driveway ramp.

Designed as a temporary solution to help ease automobiles over curbs, the Auto Curb Ramp allows access without having to construct expensive and permanent curb cuts and is great for automobile shows, festivals, and temporary event parking lots.

  • Features
  • Built in carry handle
  • Non-slip surface
  • 10 degree slope
Model # Height Width Length Weight Capacity
ACR04 4in 12in 24in 30lb/pair 12,000lb
ARC07 7in 12in 42in 65lb/pair 12,000lb
ARC10 10in 12in 60in 113lb/pair 12,000lb
ACRD07 7in 24in 42in 130lb/pair 24,000lb
ACRD10 10in 24in 60in 226lb/pair 24,000lb
ACRD04 4in 24in 24in 70lb/pair 24,000lb

 Custom sizes available
All steel construction

$35.00-70.00 Shipping and Handling
An additional shipping charge will be added for orders outside of the Contiguous United States.

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