Handi-Ramp Aluminum Dock Plates

Aluminum DockplatesAluminum Dock Plates from Handi-Ramp are a great low cost solution to bridging the gap between trucks or semi trailers and your loading dock. Constructed from high grade aluminum “diamond deck” material, dock plates feature bolt on steel legs that help to secure the position of the dock plate between the dock and trailer when loading and unloading. Dock plates are NOT to be used with power equipment such as fork trucks or forklifts. Use dock plates with hand trucks and pallet jacks ONLY.

Aluminum dock plates are available in two capacity ranges (A and B series). Dock plate capacities are verified using ANSI testing standards. Our dock plate weight capacities range between 1,366 lbs to 12,630 lbs. Our standard dock plates vary in length from 24″ to 72″ and width from 30″ to 72″.
View the table below to select the appropriate size and capacity dock plate for your application.


Depending on the size and capacity of your dock plate, one or two people will be able to move the dock plate by simply picking it up, moving it, and putting it in place using the built in hand cutouts. Dock plates have a standard lip bend of 11˚ and a standard lip length of 11″ with an option of 14″ for refrigerated semitrailers.

Contact one of our product specialists 800-876-RAMP (7267) with any questions and find out how we can customize a solution to help you.


For applications using power equipment, such as fork trucks or forklifts, visit our dock board page.

   A SeriesB Series
Width (in)Length (in)Height UpCapacityWeight (lb)PriceCapacityWeight (lb)Price
302412,12041Call for Pricing3,14551Call for Pricing
3021,98747Call for Pricing2,78060Call for Pricing
3631,85555Call for Pricing2,41568Call for Pricing
4241,65462Call for Pricing2,05377Call for Pricing
4851,45369Call for Pricing1,74586Call for Pricing
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362414,72047Call for Pricing5,58558Call for Pricing
3023,91355Call for Pricing4,97168Call for Pricing
3633,23864Call for Pricing4,46179Call for Pricing
4242,55372Call for Pricing3,80390Call for Pricing
4851,76479Call for Pricing3,131101Call for Pricing
5461,60385Call for Pricing2,900112Call for Pricing
6071,44396Call for Pricing2,670126Call for Pricing
482416,21058Call for Pricing9,06965Call for Pricing
3025,21869Call for Pricing8,06777Call for Pricing
3634,38379Call for Pricing6,26593Call for Pricing
4243,50789Call for Pricing5,398106Call for Pricing
4852,38899Call for Pricing4,532122Call for Pricing
5462,022108Call for Pricing3,568147Call for Pricing
6071,656118Call for Pricing2,604172Call for Pricing
6681,511132Call for Pricing2,657177Call for Pricing
728.51,366144Call for Pricing2,503182Call for Pricing
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602416,82078Call for Pricing11,78886Call for Pricing
3026,20883Call for Pricing9,50594Call for Pricing
3635,29787Call for Pricing8,544114Call for Pricing
4244,378101Call for Pricing5,832132Call for Pricing
4853,158114Call for Pricing4,268152Call for Pricing
5462,786130Call for Pricing3,609176Call for Pricing
6072,414145Call for Pricing3,248193Call for Pricing
6682,059161Call for Pricing2,924205Call for Pricing
728.51,705176Call for Pricing2,631233Call for Pricing
7230211,71688Call for Pricing12,630123Call for Pricing
3638,920101Call for Pricing10,329144Call for Pricing
4246,290113Call for Pricing8,027166Call for Pricing
4853,495135Call for Pricing6,819183Call for Pricing
5463,019153Call for Pricing5,798197Call for Pricing
6072,543171Call for Pricing4,161233Call for Pricing
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