Dock Boards for Loading Docks

Dock boards are used to bridge the gap between a loading dock and truck trailer. They are intended to be used with forklifts and are available in aluminum or steel construction. Dock boards come in widths of 60″ to 72″ and lengths of 36″ to 96″.

Product Categories

Selecting the proper dock board is easy with the assistance of our dockboard selection guide or our loading dock experts.
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Aluminum dock boards are ideal for low to medium volume dock loading applications and come in capacities of 10,000 to 15,000 pounds. Steel curbs are bolted onto the aluminum diamond pattern plate for increased strength and to help prevent runoff.

Steel dock boards provide a safe ramp for heavy-duty loading dock applications. They are constructed from heavy duty steel and are available in three styles: SC series, T series or C series. SC series are low capacity (10,000-13,000 lbs) and feature bolt on steel curbs. T series are high capacity (15,000-40,000 lbs), feature welded construction and two, four hole pin pockets on each side of the board for positioning. C series dock boards are high capacity (15,000-40,000 lbs), feature welded construction and pin pockets that run the length of the board for extreme flexibility when positioning.