Comparing Portable Pet Ramps

Pet ramps have become a heavily relied upon pet accessory in the last decade for pet owners who have witnessed firsthand the effect that age and injury has on mobility. We offer a wide variety of pet ramps that enhance the freedom and mobility of your pet. Below is a chart that outlines each of the various ramps we carry and compares them against each other on a variety of variables including size and weight capacity. This should help assist you in your purchasing decision.

Specifications Chart

NameModel #LengthWidthWeight Capacity
Pet Gear Bi-foldTL9166BB66"16"150lbs
Pet Gear Tri-foldPG9300DR70"19.5"200lbs
Double Telescoping RampDRDT7272"17"200lbs
Triple Telescoping RampHRDRTT7229.25" - 72.25"17"200lbs
Triple Telescoping RampHRDRTT8434" - 84.25"17"250lbs
Solvit Smart RampHR1622042" - 70"17"300lbs
Solvit Telescoping RampHR6230539" - 72"17"400lbs
Solvit Half RampHR6230639"17"200lbs
Ramp4Paws Ramp
SideKick RampHRSideKick4141"16"100lbs
Smart Ramp Jr.1602040"20200lbs
Aluminum Pet RampsAPET391536"15"7lbs
Aluminum Pet RampsAPET61572"15"18lbs
Aluminum Pet RampsAPET71584"15"20lbs
Aluminum Pet RampsAPET81596"15"23lbs
Rated 5.00 out of 5
Starting at $82.95

Pet Products

RAMP4PAWS® Dog Ramps

Starting at $139.95

PetSTEP Dog Ramps

HalfSTEP® Ramp by PetSTEP®

Rated 5.00 out of 5

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