Temporary Ramp Solution for an Emergency Room Entrance

April 13, 2006
Greg Hogarty
RE: AC- Emergency Department Remodel
Temporary Emergency Entrance Ramp

Dear Greg,

I would like to take a moment to write to you and express my gratitude for your assistance in building the required temporary ramp for the temporary Emergency Entrance at the Alta Bates Hospital. When the need for a temporary ramp was identified, our natural reaction was to contact the local modular ramp companies and request their help. I will have you know that none of them were willing or comfortable creating a ramp that was not part of the standard production.

At Handi-Ramp however, not only were you willing to build what we were requesting, but did so in very little time. Although the ramp arrived by the required time however, there were some existing site grade issues that required that a middle piece be built and shipped. Handi-Ramp stepped up to the challenge again and the additional piece was built over the weekend and sent to us. When the shipping company notified us that they would not be shipping the piece on time, Handi-Ramp once again, stepped in and fought on our behalf to allow us to meet our deadline.

I truly appreciate all the willingness with which you helped us. We work with vendors all the time and we are repeat customers to many of them and yet, not all of them are willing to service us the way you did even when you had never previously heard from us. I hope more people learn about Handi-Ramp as a company that is willing to think or build outside the box, but most importantly is willing to help the client through completion. We will be in touch.


Susan L. Fuentes
Project Manager
ABSMC Facilities Development