Galvanized Steel Wheelchair Ramps – ADA Compliant

ADA Galvanized Steel Ramp Systems • Galvanized Steel ADA Handicapped Wheelchair Ramps

Our ADA compliant Galvanized Steel Ramp Systems are designed for permanent or semi-permanent ramp situations. Each section can be used individually or as a component of a larger wheelchair ramp system. A low cost one-time investment, these ramp systems have a capacity of 1500 pounds and offer the most economical solution for wheelchair transportation. Because the ramp can be moved to different locations, the system usually does not require a building permit for commercial or residential properties.

Made from galvanized steel that is extra strong and rust resistant, Handi-Ramp’s Galvanized Steel Access Ramps have a permanent, non-skid surface built into the wheelchair ramp which provides safe and easy access to and from homes, churches, businesses and other public commercial buildings. The open grate style allows for dirt, leaves, and other outside debris to fall through the surface and there is virtually no snow or ice accumulation in the winter.

Our standard wheelchair ramp width is 37 1/2 inches, however permanent ramps with special widths, as well as handrails and double bar handrails, are also available. Our staff of ADA experts can assist you in designing a ramp system to meet your specific needs and to fit your location.

  • Have a capacity of 1500 lbs
  • Meet or exceed all Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements
  • Exceed Federal Specification RR-G-1602C for non-skid surfaces
  • Comply with Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Code:A117.1

Your staff assisted in every way possible to accommodate the VA patient. The ramp is adjustable/portable and easy to install/adjust.

Phyllis May

Well built and easy to assemble.

Don Linton

Oklahoma City, OK

Sturdy, good appearance, easy to install

M Forys

Almeda, CA


Q: I’m looking to replace an old rotting wood ramp. What types of ramps do you offer that include a platform?

A: Try a modular ramp system available in three styles Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp, ADA Concrete Ramp, or Steel Wheelchair Ramp.

Galvanized Steel Ramp with Handrails

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