Portable Wheelchair Access Lifts

Portable wheelchair lifts from Handi-Ramp are the perfect solution when a safe, multi-purpose, mobile, vertical platform lift is required for aiding handicapped passengers. Manual operation makes these lifts self-sufficient with little or no maintenance required, it also eliminates problems of power or battery failures Easy-to-use controls allow virtually anyone to operate the portable wheel chair lifts, with just over 4lbs of pressure required to start.


The Mobilift-CX provides access to stages, bleachers or any other area where a permanent lift installation is not feasible or desired. Designed for indoor/outdoor use the Mobilift CX is versatile and easy to use.

The Mobilift-TX is designed to assist disabled passengers when boarding and disembarking trains and railcars. Large wheels help with ease of transport when negotiating rough terrain. Additional features include: climatic stability and an automatic adjustable self-leveling extension ramp for use on uneven ground.

The Mobility-VX features a corrosion resistant material for trouble-free use in marine settings. Providing access to otherwise inaccessible berths, boat wheelchair lifts and can be custom designed for your unique marina or boat application.

The Mobility-AX is an excellent solution when boarding passengers in wheel chairs onto airplanes. It transfers them from ground to the aircraft in a minute and is wind/jet blast stable. Designed for use with corporate, regional and large narrow body aircrafts the wheel chair airplane lift makes accommodating passengers in wheelchairs and scooters simple.

Mobilifts are light-weight and highly portable without requiring permanent installations or modifications. Expandable ramps and manual crank operation allow for use in a multitude of locations. They have a very fast elevation time and also provide locking mechanisms. Portable scooter lifts do not compromise on safety and they are economical, considering their customizability to be used in a variety of situations.

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