Non-Slip Stair Strips

Non-slip stair strips provide perfect slip and fall prevention on surfaces where water, ice, snow, and other slippery materials create a dangerous slip and fall hazard. Installation is easy; simply drill the strip onto a surface where 30" Non Slip Strip - Silverpeople frequently step. Non-slip stair strips are manufactured at our facility in Libertyville, IL using premium quality aluminum and feature the same OSHA-approved raised bump traction surface that we use on our ADA compliant ramps.

These strips are highly versatile and can be used anywhere indoors and outdoors. They are perfect for boat docks, marinas, staircases, ramps, curb cuts, tractor/trailer steps, parks, decks, and anywhere in and out of the home. The five standard color choices include plain aluminum, powder coated black, powder coated brown, powder coated safety yellow, & powder coated gray. Use the high contrast colors to denote a change in walking surface for the visually impaired. Custom colors and sizes are available by calling our non-slip experts at (800) 876-7267

Good morning, Mike – Can you imagine my surprise when UPS delivered my custom treads Saturday morning! I was able to install them in time for today’s first day of school. Your service is unbelievable! My sincerest thanks for accommodating my needs. Your company is tops in my book!
Art F.  
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Non Skid Strips

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