Vertical Picket Handrails

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Vertical Picket Handrails by Handi-Ramp are constructed of high-grade galvanized or schedule 40 steel. Our vertical picket design provides maximum safety, especially with pets or small children. As recommended by CABO, all handrails addressing rises of 30 inches or more should have vertical pickets attached. These vertical pickets are designed to prevent a small child from falling through the handrails.

Pickets are spaced less than 4 inches apart, making them hard to climb. Installation is clear-cut and trouble-free. Vertical picket handrails can mount onto our ramp systems by bolting them on or by sliding them into receiver tubes which are welded onto the ramp system. They are secured by bolts or quick release pins. Vertical picket handrails are available for purchase separately or with a ramp system.

Vertical Picket Hand rails
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