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The Only Truly Custom Window Well Cover – Only 14 Cents per square inch

No two window wells are the same shape. They will start off the same, but when they are put into place by the builder and then the dirt is placed around them, their shape will shift. Over time their shape will also change slightly due to the weather or as changes take place underground (tree roots, etc.).

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Since we are going to create a window well cover that fits perfectly on your window well, we need a pattern or a template that shows the exact shape of your window well(s).

We will send you a large piece of cardboard which you will use to create an exact image of your window well. It will typically take less than 60 seconds to create a pattern for each window well cover.

To start the order process you will need to measure each window well that you would like covered. We only need two dimensions, Length and Width as shown below:

window well cover length

window well cover width

Once you have the Length and Width for each of the window wells you want to cover, call our Toll Free Number (800) 876-7267 and we will send you the cardboard templates. You will then prepare the templates and ship them back to us (at our expense within the Contiguous US).

We will make your Custom Window Well Covers. We undercoat them with a rust inhibitor and paint them with two coats of black Rustoleum® paint.

We typically will build your custom window well covers within 2 weeks after we receive your templates.

How difficult is it to prepare the cardboard templates?

There are three simple steps. We send you the cardboard template.

Step 1: Place the cardboard template on top of your window well. (Making sure one edge is squarely against your house.)

Step 2: Press down on the cardboard so the window well edge leaves an impression on the cardboard. Remove the cardboard from the window well.

Step 3: Using a magic marker, draw a line on the indentation you just created.

Fold and return the cardboard template back to Handi-Ramp!

When we build your Custom Window Well Cover, you will notice that it is about 1/2 inch larger than your window well. We do this because your window well may shift a little bit due to weather conditions. This ensures that the cover will fit even if your window well does shift slightly.

window well cover gap

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Please feel free to call on us for any help you may need in measuring your window wells. Our expert staff will provide any assistance that is required.

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