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Yard Ramp Overview

Yard ramps are a heavy duty piece of material handling equipment. There are two common uses for yard ramps: Ground-to-Truck and Ground-to-Dock. All you need to know about yard ramps.

Yard Ramp Operation

Operation of a yard ramp involves moving the yard ramp to position it near the end of a loading dock or semi trailer. Key aspects of operating a yard ramp are: balancing, raising, positioning, securing, using and storing a yard ramp. Learn more about operating a yard ramp.

Portable Loading Platforms

Place a Handi-Ramp Portable Loading Platform in front of any dock or rail-car door and you will have immediate access to three loading and unloading positions. The Portable Loading Dock affords 90 degree turn ability for safe forklift maneuvering. Learn more about portable loading docks.

Ground-to-Dock Yard Ramps

A ground-to-dock yard ramp comes up from the ground at a straight, gentle angle and ends at a loading dock. Ground-to-dock ramps are quite long, around 30 feet, making them simple and safe to navigate with a fully-loaded forklift. More about ground-to-dock yard ramps.

Optional features

Learn about optional features for yard ramps, including pneumatic wheel attachments, ramp clamps, and tow bars for moving the yard ramp. Check out all optional features for yard ramps.

Yard Ramp Renting Options

If your need is temporary, or if the revenue generated by the ramp won’t offset the cost, then a rental plan offers you the kind of flexibility you need to get the most benefit for the money. Learn more about yard ramp rentals.

Information on Financing and Leasing

If buying is not an option due to the cost of a new or yard ramp, renting or even leasing is a great alternative. Read about yard ramp leasing.

How to Offload and Onload a Yard Ramp

In the material handling world we use the word off-load nearly as frequently as the word unload. They both mean to take cargo off of a truck. Videos and instructions on how to unload a yard ramp.

How to Move a Yard Ramp

Yard ramps can be moved over short distances, within a plant or facility, or they can be hauled on the back of a flat bed truck over hundreds of miles. Video and instructions on how to move a yard ramp.

Decision Guides

Selecting Dimensions for a Yard Ramp

Yard Ramps come in two standard lengths: 30 feet and 36 feet. Keeping in mind that yard ramps were designed for forklifts, the dimensions of a yard ramp reflect its use with a forklift. The straight yard ramp with a length of 30 feet is typically used with a loading dock. Learn more about yard ramp sizes.

Selecting Capacity for a Yard Ramp

Learn how to select the right size and capacity of a yard ramp based on your application and specific needs. More info about yard ramp capacity.

Steel vs Aluminum Yard Ramps

When deciding to buy a steel yard ramp or an aluminum yard ramp, consider how the yard ramp will be used and in what type of environment. Learn how to choose between a steel or an aluminum yard ramp.

Buying New vs Used Yard Ramps

Do you need a new yard ramp? Or is a used yard ramp a better fit? Learn what factors to consider when deciding between new or used yard ramp.

Case Studies

Yard Ramps Help Fruit & Vegetable Distributor Cut Overhead Costs

A produce wholesaler and distributor based in Southern California approached Handi-Ramp with a question: How can we ease the congestion in our shipping and loading docks without paying for any construction? Read the full Fresh Food & Produce case study.

Wrigley Field

Read about how Wrigley Field used a yard ramp from HandiRamp to replace their sod after an outdoor concert, just in time for the next Cubs game. Full story about how HandiRamps helped Restore Wrigley Field.

Strip Mall

HandiRamp was contacted by a property manager with a number of different holdings in a medium-sized suburb of Chicago. Their focus was retail and commercial real estate, an industry that was hit particularly hard by the recent economic crisis. Read how a yard ramp keeps business moving at local strip mall.

Manufacturing Park

Larger manufacturing and business parks often have a difficult time coordinating an efficient shipping and receiving schedule, especially when there are numerous tenants vying for space in the same receiving yard. Portable yard ramp is set up as a shared service by business owners.


Hyster Forklifts

Hyster is an American manufacturing company specializing in forklifts and other materials-handling equipment.

Crown Forklifts

Crown Equipment Corporation is the fifth largest manufacturer of powered industrial forklift trucks in the world.

Toyota Forklifts

Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., Inc is a subsidiary of Toyota Industries Corporation. Toyota has been the number one lift truck supplier in North America since 2002. One in five forklifts sold in the U.S.A. is a Toyota.

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