Puppy Treads


Puppy Treads are a self-adhering non-slip solution for your pets!

Does your puppy or older dog have trouble with your stairs?  Do your pets slip as they race around a corner?  Do you need to improve the safety for yourself?

Puppy Treads are a great new non-slip material for the home or office.  Made of a soft vinyl; Puppy Treads are easy on paws and bare human feet wile dramatically improving traction.  Best of all they are translucent so that the natural beauty of your hardwood, tile or stone floors can still shine through.

  • Practically Invisible
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy on feet and paws
  • Resilient. Long lasting in heavy foot or paw traffic
  • Mop friendly
  • No fasteners required
  • NFSI – National Floor Safety Institute certified for “High Traction”
  • Made in the USA (McHenry, IL)
  • 6″ Long
  • 24″ Wide

Shipped from Libertyville, IL
Website pricing is for contiguous US. For Canada, Hawaii, Alaska or International shipping please call us at 847-680-7700

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